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Urgent Care in Southlake

Walk-in care for everyday medical needs

Urgent Care in Southlake

Faster, low-cost emergency room alternative

Urgent Care Employer Services in Southlake

Workers comp. and other employer services

Urgent Care Southlake, TX

Our Urgent care center in Southlake is open every day with extended hours. No appointments are needed, and we accept most insurances including Medicare and Tricare. Doctors Express Urgent Care in Southlake treats a wide variety of issues such as cuts and bruises, sore throats, fractures, and every-thing in between. Our Walk In Clinic allows you to get hospital quality care without having to sit in an emergency room for hours, and when you can't meet with your primary doctor.

We have on-site lab tests, x-rays, and prescriptions, with no appointments needed to get care. We're a state-of-the urgent and express care center with professional medical staff on-site every day.



"I was particularly pleased with the immediate attention Dr Jones gave me. She was patient and willing to hear all my concerns. I felt so special when I received a follow-up call following my office visit."

- Anonymous


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Local Urgent Cares Jammed with Sufferers Caught off Guard (March 16, 2014) The rollercoaster weather of record low temps and sudden warm spells is catching allergy sufferers off guard this year and could lead to a severe spring allergy season. In between cold snaps, warm weather snuck in, and trees released pollen at higher levels and earlier than usual leaving allergy sufferers unprotected. That's why sufferers are flocking to local urgent cares like AFC/Doctors Express for a desperate dose of quick allergy relief. "More and more people come in thinking they have a cold, but in many cases it's an early allergy attack -- even if they've never had allergies before," says Dr. Bruce Irwin, founder of American Family Care and AFC/Doctors Express, a national chain of urgent care centers with a local office in our area. "When it got warm and the pollen was released
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